A-1 Petroleum & Propane – Serving East Washington Since 1924

A-1 Petroleum provides Texaco brand commercial lubricants and passenger car motor oils to farmers, repair shops, industrial users and hay companies. A-1 Petroleum is committed to providing premier lubricant products delivered in a manner that ensures product integrity and customer satisfaction. We have one of the most technically advanced sales forces in the business.

A-1 Petroleum provides a full line of lubricant products and services and has the equipment, storage, and support, to provide the best product at the best price. A-1 Petroleum is a one-source company that can provide you with all of the petroleum products you need to operate your equipment.

Ursa Motor Oils

Operating environments can vary considerably from region to region, but Ursa diesel engine oils have been formulated with this in mind. Wherever you operate, rest assured that Ursa engine oils are the best products for your equipment.

  • Ursa offers a range of lubricants for heavy-duty, two- and four-stroke, turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel engines.
  • Ursa diesel lubricants offer protection to rings, pistons and vital engine parts, maximizing economy and longer periods between overhauls, while protecting alloy bearings and optimizing efficiency in all types of heavy-duty diesel equipment.
  • Ursa Premium TDX oils have been formulated exclusively for a wider variety of heavy-duty diesel engines, with performance and service specifications that assure maximum engine wear protection and extended drain interval capabilities.

Havoline Motor Oils

The Havoline brand features advanced technology, outstanding engine protection and proven performance. With almost 100 years of history, it is used by millions of customers.

  • Havoline-branded motor oils are formulated to meet or exceed the relevant specification levels for the application and geographic market in which they are used.
  • Havoline provides protection of automobile engines from heat stress, starting friction and engine dirt.
  • Texaco not only formulates motor oils to meet industry specifications but also licenses products, assuring their quality and integrity