Features & Benefits

Secure Transactions
Total transaction security, including Personal Identification Number helps eliminate abuse and slippage.

Purchase Controls & Limits
Ensures driver purchases only authorized products for the assigned vehicle, further reducing abuse and slippage.

Time & Date Restrictions
New Blue Card Feature! Ensures driver access to fuel only when actively working for employer.

Daily Volume Limits
New Blue Card Feature! Primary controls for ensuring drivers are unable to purchase more fuel in a single day than a given vehicle can consume.

Level 3 Data
All locations guarantee accurate level 3 data including, odometer, gallons, price per gallon, tax breakout, time, date, and much more!

Exception Reporting
Reduces time spent auditing driver activity by quickly identifying abnormal fueling activity and bringing it to fuel manager attention.

Management Reports
Provides consolidated management information through a single source, saving fleet manager hours per month in auditing processes related to adding up and verifying driver receipts.

National Fueling Network
Provides drivers with the most consistent network of fueling locations nationwide, eliminating wasted time searching for diesel. All locations offer the very best in access and high speed fueling.